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"It's all about taking Action, that's the real acid test..."





"If it's to be, then it's up to me...and that takes Action!"




"Action and progress, quite simply, are inseparable"




"Nothing happens until something moves"


About Us

Our philosophy is built on the principles of
making quality decisions that matter...and Acting upon them

Our aim is to improve our outlook in life and indeed to improve the practical aspects of our lives, in every way and we invite you to join us.

The creators of Action Action Action have accumulated a vast experience in life, from growing up in council estate ganglands, to serving with the military, working in the corporate marketplace and working in law enforcement. Much later in life, the creators sought and achieved (what seemed to them) 'impossible' things like walking on fire (without being burned or hurt), career changes and academic success through College and University.
So what?... you may ask!

At every turn in life, there are decisions to be made, indeed, we make decisions hundreds or thousands of time in a day, small decisions usually, but decisions all the same. However, it's the really important decisions in life that really make the difference.

Now, here is the crux of the matter...

Please don't pretend otherwise!

Jim Wallace and his wife Lynn experienced this a long time ago, in fact many times over. Making decisions that would improve health, wealth & happiness were dead easy..."that's it, decision made!"...but of course, that wasn't it, because a decision without IMMEDIATE ACTION on that decision is not really a decision at all, it's merely a wish or a dream. And Jim and Lynn dreamt...

Only later did the lessons of inaction thrust reality into their lives and their wishes were left by the wayside...that was then...

 Now they live their lives by the mantra 'Action Action Action'.

The name of this site is an inspiration from Jim's military career. There is no better way to catapult you into Action than to hear at ear-splitting volume those 3 words "Action Action Action". The adrenalin rush and motivational high is awsome when trained to react to that battle-cry. Nothing else matters but the job in hand, tiredness dies, fatigue disappears, useless or wasteful activities are dropped like a white-hot potato, and the drive, determination and laser-like focus to get the 'Action' complete is truly sensational. By becoming a regular visitor to this site, we hope that you too, will be trained to respond to your own call for:         
Action Action Action!

***A word of caution though. It is impossible to maintain that level of intensity or heightened state. Burn-out is very real and apparent.***

So with this in mind, Jim and Lynn set about strategising their goals and aspirations and planning their 'Actions'. When a really important decision has been made, the creators of this site will explode into Action and move mountains to achieve the desired outcome with focussed intensity that produce seemingly amazing results...and then they come back to normailty (rest).
In this way, great things are achieved.

Jim and Lynn live in the South East of England, UK.
'Action Action Action' lives there too!


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