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My Health.

Arguably, this is the most critical of all areas. Without our health, things can be really difficult at best and utterly miserable at worst.

Unfortunately many of us take our health for granted and in these days of excesses and over-indulgence, it's all too easy to develop poor health.

Do you smoke cigarettes?
Do you drink alcohol?
Do you eat too many calories/carbohydrates/sugars/fats?
Do you take prescription (or other) drugs?

How boring life would be if we didn't enjoy good food and drink and other pastimes. But, the key to all of this is balance. Virtually anything in excess is potentially bad for you, so moderation or balance is the watchword.

Do you exercise? Or are you a Couch-Potato?

Are there any challenging activities that you have always wanted to complete, such as running a half-marathon or a fun-run, or hiking, or swimming or joining the local health club. Are these things that you have only just thought about recently, or have they been on your wish-list for some time? If you have always wanted to do something physical, yet haven't...why not?

Inaction is so expensive in terms of quality of life, inaction will steal away the best parts of your life.
Inaction, or lack of effort to be brutally honest, is NOT your friend!

All other things aside, maintaining a healthy body is simply about eating and drinking correctly and taking regular exercise. It's only a balancing act...right?
If only it really were that simple. For most of us, life gets in the way.

That's why we have to conciously take Action, take specific Action to eat properly and Action to exercise sufficiently.
But the rewards of a longer life and an enjoyable Active life starting immediately, is a joy that can only be experienced, because imagination is simply not enough.

To get up in the morning with vitality and energy, to have a spring in your step, to have the feeling of controlling your pace instead of dragging your weight with you. To be able to run UP stairs, play games with your children or grandchildren or to take part in a sport like orienteering  on a beautiful and invigorating Sunday's awsome...really, it is!

Do you know what it feels like to stand at the top of the highest mountain in the UK?
With a little bit of Action to get you started, it's really not that difficult AT ALL to walk to the top of Ben Nevis in Scotland, or Scafel Pike in England, or the wonderful Mount Snowdon in Wales. Most of us have inside of us the ability to scale these wonderful heights, regardless how unfit or how much extra weight you may be carrying right now, and surprisingly, it's amazing how quickly you can turn your health and fitness around with Action.

It's all about the first step...literally!
Take a walk, NOW!
Plan a walk for tomorrow, and the next day...
Make it an event, get a few friends or family together and take a picnic, even if the weather is poor, walk along the sea-front or around the local park or walk to a friends house that you would normally drive to or just walk to wherever takes your fancy.
Put one foot in front of another and make a start.

Have a look at the guides that are listed below to help you get started if you wish, but whatever you do, TAKE SOME ACTION...NOW!

You owe it not only to yourself, but most probably to the the people you care most about.
Are you a role-model? Do you want to be?

Then do something about it NOW! Go on, start NOW!

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