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"If you don't like where you are...move, you're not a tree!"

...Jim Rohn.






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My Career, or Job, or Profession or Vocation.

This is the stumbling block for many people.

How many of us are in a job, career, or profession that we adore and love?
Some are, sure...but only some.

For the vast majority of us, we spend more time driving alongside people we don't know, working alongside people that we perhaps don't like, and even taking orders from people we don't respect or trust.

And when asked how the 'job' or 'work' is going, we reply "fine". Are we kidding ourselves on? Or are we just making the best of our current situation?

There's a whole world of opporunity out there you know, for almost every single one of us. Why oh why then do we put up with living with colleagues that we don't like instead of spending times with our loved ones?
Or if that's too much like paradise, then at least work in a profession

As Jim Rohn says "If you don't like where you are...move, you're not a tree!"

Despite this recession, there has NEVER been a better time to change jobs/career/profession!
Is it easy? Possibly, possibly not! But is it acheivable? ABSOLUTELY!

It may take some sacrifices or manipulation, but it is acheivable.
We are testiment to that!

The problem is, or can be, making the move, taking the first step, daring to think or dream. Disappointment is painful, right? And that's exactly why most of us never dare to dream. But it doesn't need to be like that. Don't live a life half-lived! But...I hear you say, that's all very well, but how do I even begin to think about what I would really like to do or become?...Action!

No, in fact it's Action Action Action...or even...ACTION ACTION ACTION!


What do you want to do? Look online and find some information...NOW!

How do you go about...? Pick up the phone and ask NOW!

Write the CV NOW!

Send the application NOW!

'A journey of a thousand steps' and all that... you know the proverb...

The point is, time waits for no man (or woman). Seize the opportunities that are there right now, don't look back in 5 years saying that you're 5 years older and still not happy in your job...that'll be your fault, won't it?

It's highly unlikely that your desired career is going to knock on your front door isn't it?
It has to come from you...FROM YOU! Starting immediately, take Action now and make it happen.

As a starting point, visit the links on this page. They are all excellent resources, but importantly, take the Action NOW!

How2Become - Be What You Want

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