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My Education

The University of Life!

That's what we all subscribe to, isn't it? And it has it's own curriculum, tests and pass or fail criteria. What a schooling!

Unfortunately, CV's and job application forms don't recognise 'The university of Life' as a formal qualification and of course, it's not.
Many of us feel that we either missed out on formal education or higher education and some of us feel that the education that we did embrace was in fact the wrong content.

So, where does that leave us? Making do with what we have (or don't have)?

Here's the point. It doesn't have to be like that, not today, not anymore.
Virtually ANY course, with very few exceptions, are available to almost anyone and that almost definitely includes YOU!

Limits dictated by age or geography have now been lifted.
University is OPEN.

Now of course, that doesn't neccessarily mean that you must enrol in a College or University course to obtain Diplomas or even Degrees.
The point is, LEARNING is now freely available.
If you want to go to University, or study at home through Open University, then that's fantastic, but there are other avenues open to you too.

Distance learning, night school and online courses are amongst the options available to you to learn a new language or skill or hobby or indeed ANYTHING of interest, and what's more, a newly aquired knowledge can often be in demand with either an existing employer or in a new job altogether.
But Career or Occupation aside, the immense satisfaction of increasing your own education is immeasurable, the feeling of achievement that comes when you suddenly realise that in fact 'you do know what you are talking about' and can use that knowledge to help both yourself and others.

No matter where you are now academically, or whether you left school with little qualifications or NO qualifications, LEARNING is open to EVERYONE.

So go on! Learn something new, or take what you know to a new level.
Whatever the increase in knowledge and education, little or large, take the Action and make a start, make a difference and make yourself proud.

Don' wait, don't look for excuses!

Instead, look for reasons why you should...they are all around you...look!

Take that first step, take some Action NOW!

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